Records Management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Introduction To Reord Management for MOSS

Companies of every size, from multinationals to 'Mom and Pop' businesses, need to preserve information in a secure and reliable way, not only as a standard practice within the company but also for official purposes. The Records Management infrastructure of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is designed to archive information no longer necessary in the daily running of the enterprise. The component is designed to ensure and protect the integrity of the content, register changes and authorization, ensure saved information is only accessible to authorized personal, and most importantly, assure that information cannot be altered or deleted. With Records Management, it is possible to block access at any point, if and when deemed necessary by the administrator.

The Records Center of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is designed to manage this type of information. For example, many companies generate monthly financial reports for the tax authorities; if a conflict develops between the company and tax office, the company may be required to release reports and financial information with a guarantee that nothing has been altered or changed in any way. In this case, the company's financial department can transfer the reports to the Records Center of MOSS in a special "Holds List" and attach a pre-defined secure 'policy,' for example, a statement that documents are irretrievable or 'frozen' until a determined authorization, date, and time. SharePoint saves the documents in the Records Center, accessible only to authorized personnel. The records are saved together with a special metadata file containing the Audit history records; this information is 'blocked' by the administrator to ensure its safekeeping and inaccessibility. There is an important difference between Audit, which only saves the history of the document, and the Records Center which takes this one step further by 'freezing' the document, making it completely inaccessible and irretrievable unless requested by proper authorization.

The limitation of this powerful component is that the Records Center is a MOSS component and does not function in Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).

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