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Creating a Blog site in SharePoint 2010 is very easy and there are multiple ways to publish your blog posts, you can use SharePoint user interface or even Microsoft Word 2007 / 2010. The following walkthrough will guide you in a step by step fashion to create, configure and publish your own blog site and posts.

1. To create a blog site first browse to SharePoint site and select "Site Actions" ' "New Site"

SharePoint Site Actions
Figure 1

2. Select the "Blog" as a type for a site and give it a title and a URL. You can choose other values for title and URL but I will use the title and URL as mentioned here.

Select the
Figure 2

3. Finally click "Create" to provision a new blog site. You will be redirected to the newly created blog site.

4. Take a moment to analyze what is available to you in an out of the box Blog site as shown in the figure below

Select the
Figure 3

To start with you have a main page where blog entries are listed, on the left hand side there is a menu which contains categories (you will learn how to add your own in a moment), Archives followed by Recycle Bin and links to All Site Content. Note that it depends on user permissions and not all of these menu items are available to all users.

On the right hand side you have links to a admin/ contributor level management features like create a blog post, managing posts , managing comments and Launch blog program to post (you will see in a moment how this works). Last, you have "About this Blog" section which displays details about the blog.

5. To create a new a category click on "Add new category" link as shown below.

Adding a new category
Figure 4

6. On the "Categories - New Item" dialog enter the category title "MIS Management" as shown in figure below. Finally click "Save" to store this category.

On the
Figure 5

7. Add two more categories "MIS" and "MIS Lab" using the same procedure as described above. You should now have three custom categories as shown in the figure below.

Add two more categories
Figure 6

8. Although SharePoint interface can be used to create new posts, but for better experience you can use Microsoft Word 2007/2010 to create blog posts.

Let's create a blog post using MS Word 2010. First click on "Launch blog program to post" link as shown below

click on
Figure 7

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