Overview of SharePoint 2010 Web Databases

It's amazing to see how much support for Access 2010 is provided in SharePoint 2010. From the simple list level to complete database sites, Access 2010 is making its mark in a big way. You may know that, with the Access 2010 client, it's possible to upload Access applications to SharePoint. This lets you run the app from SharePoint.

In this tip we will quickly go through various sets of database sites that are dedicated to Access 2010. The following diagrams illustrate this.

So let's start by creating sites based on these, and see what comes out of the box with them.

Asset Web Database

Charitable Contribution Web Database


Contacts Web Database

Issues Web Databases

This ends our quick tour of database sites that can be created in SharePoint 2010. In future tips will discuss in detail particular sites and how to utilize the features.
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